july 2015

As of today, the new EMMEGI website is ONLINE

It is a responsive website that automatically adapts to the device used for viewing it, a notebook, smartphone or tablet, while always remaining clear and easy to navigate so visitors can find all Emmegi product categories.


may 2015

EM204 and Fuksas architecture

EM204, the new executive office chair comes together with architecture by Fuksas at the "Bolle" events and research space at the Nardini Distillery.


april 2015

ELLE CUBE and ELLE SOFA at Fuorisalone

At Fuorisalone in Milan, ELLE CUBE and ELLE SOFA enter the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland created by Livingooh, with the help of Irisun.


febbraio 2015

LAB COLLECTION @R+T STUTTGART with Giovanardi textiles